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Silicone Makeup Sponge


This handy little blending tool will become a staple in your daily routine. Made from non-porous silicone this sponge works without absorbing your makeup or skin care products and  washes clean with soap and water. A great tool for those with problem skin as it prevents the spread of bacteria onto the face that can occur with traditional sponges. As a benefit this silicone sponge uses significantly less product when applying creams or makeup as it will not absorb any of the product rather it simply spreads it across the face. Note the directions for effective use.

The irregular oblong shape allows you to customize your makeup application to the different angles of your face.


    • 100% Silicone
    • Irregular oblong shape

    1. Place a small amount of liquid product (start with less than half of the amount you would typically apply) directly onto the silicone makeup sponge. 
    2. Using the silicone sponge transfer the product onto the face in small "dots" or dabs to the desired areas of application.
    3. Your face should now be covered in small dots of the liquid product. 
    4. Gently dab and blend the small amounts to cover the face. Spread the product out using the silicone sponge to achieve the desired coverage.
    5. Repeats steps 1-5 as required to achieve the coverage desired. 


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